StripeyFuse – Integrate Stripe With Infusionsoft as a Native Merchant Account

StripeyFuse Premium – The Best Of Both Worlds!!!! Now you can use Stripe as a Merchant Account within Infusionsoft using StripeyFuse Premium – This enables you to use Infusionsoft Order Forms, Infusionsoft Shopping Carts, Infusionsoft Subscriptions, Infusionsoft Payment Plans and any Purchase Goals etc within Infusionsoft just like any other Merchant account like

Use StripeyFuse Premium to connect Stripe with Infusionsoft as a standard merchant account.

Accept Payments Through ‘Stripe’ Via Infusionsoft

We all know that one of the best ways to take credit cards these days is to use Stripe, and the best way to manage your customers is Infusionsoft, but linking them together brings a wealth of problems. They both have their own ways of dealing with orders, which requires you to pay developers many hundreds of dollars to write custom built web applications to cobble together a way for them to talk to each other, which can easily break when the next update comes along.

Introducing StripeyFuse – The ONLY fully integrated solution for linking these two services together.

StripyFuse allows you to use Stripe as your payment gateway with Infusionsoft as easily as you can with Paypal, or any of the other standard payment gateways that are already built into Infusionsoft such as

Installing is a breeze – simply enter your stripe details into StripyFuse and then log in to Infusionsoft and set up your new gateway. Job done!

You can then set up as many order forms, shopping carts, subscriptions, payment plans, plus everything else that Infusionsoft can do, using Stripe as your merchant, it really is as simple as that. Everything is PCI compliant and we handle all the behind the scenes communications between the two powerful services.

If you need to speak with us then you can use our online support and we have a very active Facebook community offering help, advice and ideas.

Integrate Stripe into your business today to get the best of both worlds.

What if I do not have Infusionsoft yet? Can I buy Infusionsoft through you?

Yes, Information Street is one of Infusionsoft Top Worldwide Sales Partners and have their own Infusionsoft Certified Consultants who have helped hundreds of companies implement Infusionsoft and get the most out of it. We are able to sell you Infusionsoft and take care of your Kickstart. Best of all, we can sometimes offer you great combined pricing saving you money. Contact us for more details.